About Us

UPS followed its story until 1907, when James E. Casey, 19, and another teenager, Claude Ryan, established the American Mail Company in Seattle. With a loan of USD 100 as their first capital, they established a shop in a basement under Ryan’s uncle’s tavern. The first employees bought and delivered the goods either on foot or bicycle. A second office was established in 1912.

About UPSers

UPSers are known for solving shipping problems.

More than 434,000 UPSers employees can prepare your coverages and help your company solve your most serious problems.
When we know, we will be there to help you.

Shipping: Services and technologies to manage your delivery process, from individuals to companies, from local to global.

Monitoring: Individual control and management solutions, complex global supply chains, and all intermediate solutions.

Billing: View your online UPS accounts and access them with additional features to make your process smoother.

International trade: Services, resources, and technologies that help your products during customs are rising faster.

Contract planning: Your supply chain can be optimized, starting from global delivery to short-time management.

Electronic commerce: Looks for shipping services and technological tools to smoothen your own online store or create a new one.

Facts about UPS

  • UPSers was a century old in the summer of 2007. Jim Casey, son of Irish immigrants, founded the company with his partner Claude Ryan on August 28, 1907, in the basement of a Seattle saloon.
  • The first choice was Canary Yellow, but it was decided to keep UPS package car Brown in color which was inspired by George Pullman’s railroad sleeper cars. This color doesn’t show dirt at all.
  • UPS began shipping orders in the 1920s and founded United Air Express 80 years back, which resulted in a merger with Curtiss-Wright. After the stock market crash of October 1929, UPS did not offer any other air service until 1953.
  • Even if you’ve never noticed it on the street, a white roof over the UPS package car reduces the indoor temperature. UPS has also inaugurated a new bunch of low-fuel hybrid vehicles.
  • 7,900,000 customers use UPS daily. UPS delivers 10,277 pieces per minute or more than 14,800,000 pieces per day. The UPS website, www.ups.com, receives 10,000,000 applications online every day.
  • UPS was also voted as the most socially responsible business in the field of sustainability, philanthropy, education, and employment. Another outstanding achievement!